For Your Information, artist resource kit

curated and designed by Hibah Mian

Presented by Mississauga Arts Council and Marty's Hub

For Your Information was a project generously funded and supported by Mississauga Arts Council to provide resources and materials from local Mississauga artists that assisted to encourage the receiver in their artistic journey. The FYI kits contained tools for the following creative mediums: literary arts, visual arts, music, and digital arts. Amrita Virdi, Karim Machado-Aman, Ashley Beerdat, Sima Naseem and David Anthony were a part of the artist print collection alongside literary books generously donated by Susan K.

Profiling Artists

Amrita Virdi

Karim Machado-Aman

Ashley Beerdat

Sima Naseem

David Anthony



Heritage Mississauga

Long & McQuade

The Open Gallery

Mississauga Arts Council

Marty's Hub

Images and Videos by Pixel8

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