Musings of Rain

Book launch for RVBLV

curated by Hibah Mian

RVBLV; pronounced roh-blay, defined as ‘rain main’ or ‘rain bearer’ in Somali

Musings of Rain was a sound and light installation that brought out the visual metaphors of Abdullahi Ali's first published book: Yung RVB: The Sensational Heartthrob, 2021. A mixture of light, sound, writing and enhanced experiments drew visitors into a non-traditional exhibition venue to offer a multi-sensory exploration into Abdullahi’s stories. A display of the hard cover was available to view alongside an interactive element of film cameras to capture the night.


Featured Artist and Author Abdullahi Ali

Location Qube Studios

Lighting and Projections Moonlight Rentals


Performers Geneva Lei and Greezy Guy


Rising Youth

Canada Corps

Government of Canada

Images by Qube Studios and Laila Zayed

Video by Laila Zayed

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